Real Time with Bill Maher: Weed the People (HBO)

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  1. my grandpa Bill was also Irish. Ireland Ireland right to the bone, how could we have wandered so far from our home, with Mary j beside us, we're kissed by the sea, we'll smoke till our lungs green

  2. Release every single Juan! I'm sorry that just came into my head. Every single person in jail for weed needs to be released (Unless they committed another crime then they should serve that crime's time but they should be released for drug use).

  3. I am really disappointed that Bill did not mention that our nation was founded on cannabis! Our first president not only smoked it, but he grew it on his farm as at that time it was this country's number one cash crop, only to share that stage later with tobacco.

  4. The president does not have much control over pardoning drug offenders because the vast majority of nonviolent drug offenses are prosecuted in state court. Most federal offenders are more severe malfeasants.

  5. fun fact, in canada, it's legal to smoke weed, but not to have some on you. The worse thar can happen if you're caught with a high amount of Canabis on you is you'll get fined 1000 CAN$, but most of the times, the cops will just "Confiscate" it and let you be on your way. I love my country 😀

  6. Can a president actually grant pardons on non federal charges ? ? I think prolly not, IF state laws were broken it would require a governor of each state to do the complete pardon. .

  7. This world would have virtually no problems if our culture embraced and celebrated cannabis as the wonderful, enlightening plant that it is. Cannabis cultivation and consumption has been happening for tens of thousands of years of our human evolution, our bodies are designed to consume it, our body's have evolved along with it to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

    The role cannabis consumption has played in shaping human society and evolution cannot be understated, and yet IS drastically overlooked by nearly every historical reference source. The bigotry against the consumption of this plant needs to end, along with looking at any drug consumption as a criminal act.

  8. Apart from religion, the kingpin of human suffering and stupidity, the bigotry of (selective) drug prohibition is the next biggest source of injustice, suffering and death on humanity

  9. weed,it's not only for smoking,but you can make a lot of materials of materials,insulation,fuel etc.And the plant produces a lot of may be they use that in space,to grow and make make a whole new industry with this,jobs,innovation.plant is being used since roman times and before that.time to act adult.peace from belgium

  10. I wonder if bill nye has smoked pot. when i see bits of bill nye the science guy sometimes i think he's on blow…not that i would view him better or worse BILL NYE is the fucking man him and steve irwin should have done something together that would have been an amazing show

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