Race, Nationalism, and Marijuana | Glenn Loury & Matt Ward [The Glenn Show]

00:04 Why is Glenn associated with the Intellectual Dark Web? 09:45 Harvard and affirmative action 21:39 How to make black students more competitive 28:28 …


  1. So affirmative action highlights differences and incites jealousy, and therefore it is bad; but discussing crime statistics is okay even though it too highlights differences and incites hatred and fear? Baffling…simply baffling.

  2. stupid thing to say. just because a cop views a person differently due to them being black, male and under 60 doesnt make them a racist. you cant even make that kinda stupidity up. thats as stupid as dave rubin

  3. When Matt says "they've got you on the website" regarding the Intellectual Dark Web – that website is totally unofficial and not run by anyone in the IDW, according to Eric Weinstein in some interview (I don't recall which). So Glenn is likely just there because he was mentioned in Bari Weiss's NYT piece.

  4. Oh yes you are associated with the IDW, by definition. You’ve guested in their podcasts and you hold counter narrative opinions based on inconvenient data that neither side of the partisan isle wants to honestly deal with. You are iconoclast out of reverence of truth. That is IDW.

  5. The idea from Matt Ward that people who talk about race and racism are emotional and logical is grounded in a lack of knowledge about social science research. There is plenty empirical evidence suggesting that race matters in a myriad number of ways. Sometimes the quality of that research, as it is not experimental, can sometimes be called into question. But the sheer amount of studies suggests very strongly that race matters. Talking about white privilege, white fragility, etc. are logical extensions of that research.

    Glen is always a good talker and clear thinker. But I think Glenn, as an economist, makes the same error that many others do. They derive conclusions about a social pattern (racism) without engaging with the scholarship of those who are trained to study the pattern. It would be like a physical therapist mastering her field and then deciding to talk extensively about evolution. OK, it is possible, but she needs to make sure she has read and engaged with evolutionary biologists/psychologists.

  6. Oh yes you are associated with the IDW, by definition. You’ve guested in their podcasts and you say counter narrative opinions based on inconvenient data, and you hold positions on both sides of the partisan isle. You are iconoclast out of reverence of truth. That is IDW.

  7. Prof. Loury, I believe that many would find a conversation with you and Andrew Yang (the American entrepreneur, Founder of Venture for America, author of The War on Normal People, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate) worth listening to – although his talk with Sam Harris was quite good, I bet a talk with you would be even better.

  8. You sound like a tool calling it Marijuana. Do yourself a favor and do a little research on how it got that name and how it became illegal. "Cannabis" is the preferred nomenclature.

  9. Hey, Glenn. The IDW goes far beyond who the NYT writes about, including many individuals less controversial than it's most prominent faces. You became a part of it when consumers decided. That is the way people get in. Believe it or not, it isn't some exclusive club. Love you, Glenn. You are a good man.

  10. I smile real big every time I get a YouTube notification of a new Glenn conversation. Keep up the good work; your rigorous perspective is a breath of fresh air in a smog of otherwise lightweight social commentary.

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