Pruning for Bigger Buds: Marijuana Growing Tips

Instructions on how to prune marijuana plants to improve bud quality and yield. The grower shows you his hydroponic indoor medical cannabis garden, then …


  1. Ok I Am A 1st Year Grower And have A problem!!! So My Plants Have been Looking GREAT!!!! So 3 Days Ago A friend Of the Family Came By And I Showed Her My Plants {She is A Grower 1st Year} So We go Outside And She Started Picking My Topps On My Plants !!! Witch I Don’t Have A Problem With it, But We Are Almost into Flower Stage!! So my Question What Happens If you Top your Plants Late???? PLEASE NEED HELP

  2. I grow in my bath tub and don’t lollipop bc I also have horizons 60 watt cfls and 100 watt colored and white LEDs. This gives me a broad spectrum of light. Ok, I do trim off the bottom leaves.

  3. First thing the music means that you are definitely not confident in what your saying and those really gross finger nails obviously means that you are dirty nasty and humans put off very bad thing's if not clean so that means that your plants are not medicine gross I would rather have one clean plant that take one bong hit to be happy instead of twenty of your dirty plants maybe if this person wore gloves then I might partake maybe

  4. f.y.i. you can make a sea of green with little as 3 plants its not how many plants you have its how you fill out your grow area. You can fill out a 4ft X 4ft X 4ft tent or closet with canopy from one plant you should watch grow boss very good info he gives.

  5. WHY he distracting music if you were trying to listen to me talking to you in my home and my radio was blaring out surley you would ask me to turn it off so why do it in your videos

  6. Q1: What is done with the trimmed off bottom leaves and branches? Does the trimmer person smoke them?

    Q2: Why doesn't anybody in these how-to videos say what they do with the trimmings?
    Why does nobody cover this topic in their youtube videos? This is a vital question that requires an answer!

  7. Nice and very clean explanation of the video I hate when some people don't know what they're doing when they record the video and the video comes out 15 minutes long and there is only two minutes worth of good information bear

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