1. Hi I purchased your book Recently. I ran into a bit of a tiff. I would like to know what is 80 brix and is this temperature? I am in the US and I have never seen this before. Also if anyone on the feed can tell me that works also. Thank you

  2. Hey Kristina I’ve read all the comments and my gummies are still coming it sticky and sweaty even without citric acid on coating. I do live in KY where it’s humid and have tried using dehumidifier in small controlled area. Do you have any suggestion on how to coat on wax or oil. Or anything else besides 5g citric acid substitute and drain gelatin more. Thank you

  3. Heyyyyy….When I use the amount of citric acid In your book, doesn’t matter which recipe I find it way too tangy and sour! Also was a little too sticky…And tons of bubbles not sure what I am doing wrong… plzzzzzzzz help! Thank you

  4. I bought your e-book on a amazon, and tried to make some gummies yesterday – they came out really really thick, but very gummy! I was wondering if you could substitute gelatin sheets with gelatin powder and if so @ what ratio and would you use any water?

  5. I bought your ebook yesterday and created a spread sheet. Will the gummy's texture change or not work correctly if I want to make a strong batch? The oil content is drastically different between 2.5mg thc or 15mg thc.

  6. I just bought your book this morning on Amazon! Got your ingredient list as well! Can't wait to try! You've got great Amazon reviews. Love your videos & hope to see more soon. 🙂

  7. Hi Kristina, just bought the book, thank you for video! Is the infusion calculation excel part of this or is it another download? Is there another link for it on your site? Thanks in advance!

  8. Do you recommend decarbing the cannabis oil prior to mixing it with the carrier oil? Or does the cannabis oil sufficiently decarb during the cooking process?

  9. Great video… Bought your book too. I was curious on the difference in using gelatin sheets versus gelatin powder. If there is 40g gelatin sheets, how does that translate?

  10. The first time I made this recipe, it was perfection. I’m trying again using powdered gelatin, but don’t know if I should bloom it first, and in how much water. I may or may not have just wasted a loooot of gelatin.. sheet gelatin is just so cost prohibitive. Thanks for any tips!

  11. Awesome Video Kristina! I bought your book, haven't tried a recipe yet. I'm in Canada, and am having quite a time trying to find Sorbitol here. Is there a different sugar substitute that I can use instead of Sorbitol? I did get some Maltitol, and Xylitol, in hopes that I can use one of those instead.
    Thanks in advance

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