Product Earth 2016 – The UK's Biggest Hemp & Cannabis Expo – Smokers Guide TV UK

– Product Earth Expo is a global event aimed at educating the public, sharing innovation and promoting the progress from the Hemp …


  1. i just wished i didnt have to be ripped of bye your average dealer even the dank here is no were near i hope one day i can buy a genuine gram of some fire smoke that will help my everchanging physical and mental health issues

  2. Going back a few years I didn't think legalisation, or at least tolerance would come about in this country for a long time. But these past few years the fight for legalisation in the UK has sky rocketed. There's no stopping this now, and the sooner our politicians realise this, the better. Another great thing about cannabis trade in this country is that we won't need to import it, thus the fact we're leaving the EU can't affect it's trade, and it may just give our economy the boost it really needs. Keep smoking everyone 🙂

  3. I was there Saturday was a great day thanks to @Dinafemseeds and uk420 for that 😉 nice a laid back no issues hopefully next years will be bigger ….got some great deals on seeds from lady sativa gens and london dank big you guys up 😉

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