1. This video is incredible! Here you will find a discussion about systems in relation to each other that is the type of understanding that nutrient manufacturers have when they design their bottles. This discussion is exactly what the industry needs for farmers to custom make their nutrients. This discussion exemplifies how the collaboration between marijuana experts and university graduates leads to taking a metabolic relationship out of isolated study and to identifying how it interacts in a larger system. I think university graduates are necessary because they are trained in a way that can take what we know and provide a bigger picture. Brandon, with the aid of Tyler, do an outstanding job explaining what they know and taking an interest in what additional interactions Jenny thinks could be at play. You really have to have an open mind and ask questions when you are getting your analysis of plant sap analysis because it could change how much you understand about plant metabolism for the better.

  2. I love this show. I feel like I learn some really valuable exclusive information I can't get anywhere else. This show is so incredibly valuable for people like me who have very little access to high quality info like this. I consume this info like I'm hungry and starving for more

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