Photoshoot GRWM | 1 Month Using CBD Oil Update | Colorado Travel Vlog

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  1. What bra's do you like? How do you put on false eyelashes? How do I get back onto Keto after falling off…? You would look fabulous with a Jennifer Anniston hair cut…bring it back into style, gf. If you're too young to know her, LOL, google her hair….hugs!! I've got the GIFTS I'm going to send you….one for you, Cody and your mom!!

  2. Not trying to pry but can you tell me about your brother? How old is he.? What does he do during the day?It would be nice to see you interact with him. I realize this sounds completely nosy so don’t feel you need to answer. He just reminds me of my son.

  3. I am so glad you are getting relief with CBD. I started using it last August and it has helped me tremendously. The one I use is 550mg and it goes under my tongue as well. Congrats on your entire family feeling better.

  4. Do you donate your hair to Locks of Love? Your hair is so pretty and I know they love donations to make wigs for people who have cancer. My son donated his when he had super long hair and cut like 6-8 inches off.

  5. Please get your arm checked. Shoulder issues are nothing to mess around with. I know from experience. Enjoy the time with your family! Colorado looks beautiful.

  6. Hello to you and all your family on your vacation. So smart to take advantage of the photographer when you all are together and relaxing. Too difficult to get that done around regular routines! We did that last April when we were in Akumal (Maya Riviera).
    Loved the pictures, all beautiful.
    Take care of yourself & hope you feel better quickly after that hard fall.
    Give hugs to each other for me. What a wonderful family you all are.
    Thank you for sharing your family time with us here!

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