Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Cultivation: CherryCheeks707

Sometimes you just have to get down and grind like your life depends on it. Ohh wait your life and everything attached to you is depending on your success.


  1. Nice frostie leaves!! early on too , Cyco nutes are impressive I must say. Intensely healthy plants all around.
    yo whats your cure game like?
    I meen we all know growing is the ultimate fight but Im trying to see what your total end game is like, the buzzer, the 3 point finish. The most important part of all the process.
    how do your dry you bud and
    how long do you cure it for?
    do you keep a pressurized room ? or have temperature / hummidity controllers on? if so are you adding anything to the air of room?
    I know theres alot of ?? but just throw me a few aspects of it.
    Thanks Brah

  2. fireeee the life, frost the bomb, bomb, bob ,cherrysssse the day ,gu gu gu gu niga psicofireee cheeks ,mangus cheeks cali colas .u make me salivate man.tokin blunt fire,awsome genet good grow aww yeah ,,peace rest chilim high 420

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