Personalized PINTEREST DIY Home Decor | How to Paint Terracotta Plant Pot + Flat Portrait Painting

Let’s paint today! 😀 I’m super excited to share these super simple techniques to create personalized DIY home decor. These projects came out so good and I’m …


  1. I absolutely love the portrait idea! I first saw your portrait work on Denise’s channel. The precious portrait you did of the girls and twins! I’m so glad you showed your technique. I’ll be doing one of these for my daughter in law’s birthdays.

  2. Love these! The only thing I would say is the porosity is the biggest benefit of terra cotta for the plants inside — putting a plant in terra cotta helps prevent root rot from overwatering as it absorbs excess water. Because of those benefits, I would avoid sealing the inside of the pot. I've painted tons of terra cotta and the quality of paint and amount of drying time can prevent that discoloring! Love these designs though!

  3. I loved the painting idea so much. It will help me to trace things for embroidery projects. I always struggle with that part. Also the terra cotta pot is something one of my garden YouTube’s called Garden Answer has experimented with to find the best way to make terra cotta water tight so maybe check out her channel for that video probably from early this year or last year plus she and her family are super inspiring and you would love it since you are a plant person.

  4. Oh Tina, the painting is gorgeous, this is such a good and pretty idea 🥺😍 and you made it so well ! Really, I love this family portrait moment. Thanks for sharing that and all those ideas you have

  5. Wow! I liked how they both turned out but especially the framed painting. I would love to do one of my dog, she went to heaven recently. So I’m looking forward to seeing your tutorial of your sweet Mojo. Mahalo!

  6. Damn Tina you’re so talented 😩🤍 I’ve used tracing paper before but never thought you could trace this way as well! And never could I ever paint like you though 🙈 They both look amazing! 🤍✨

  7. i came across your chanell a day ago and im binge watching lol. you soooo creative !!!!! and actually your vedios and even thumbnails are really aesthetically pleasing to me………keeep gooingggg virtual kisses :**

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