Penny stocks to buy now – Weight loss – Psychedelics Mushroom🔥🍄

In this video we review a Psychedelics Mushroom company that may have found the SECRET to assisting in weight loss.🤞 The MUSHROOM SECTOR will …


  1. What do you think about upcoming CYBIN clinical trials with their micro partner IGXT?
    are you familiar with this Cannabis/ Psilocybin play?

    Very unknown ultra-micro I'd appreciate your opinion.
    11, yes ELEVEN, drugs in the pipeline and 2 in phase 3 up for FDA PDUFA this year.
    New ATAI (peter Thiel) and Cybin partnerships. Cannabis, psilocybin, rizaport (headache) tadalafil (viagra) on a "Listerine strip".
    Yes, high risk but EZ 10x on any

    one of 2 FDA approval.

    For once, let’s find one BEFORE it runs.

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  3. Hey bro! I trade in the US. What platform do you use to trade CNSX stock at? Webull only gives me Toronto Exchange. not sure if that will allow me to find NeonMind. Help with a link of the platform you use please.

  4. The video was actually knowledgable. I have been trying to research for video that explains the stuff in this YouTube vid. 🥼Your video reminds me of the channel from Doctor Ethan. His videos are actually educational and I actually learned a lot for diet!

    You should see his page out and give the health enthusiast a like here! 👉 #DoctorEthanWellness

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