Overcome Your WEED Addiction Now || STOP The Anxiety Excuses!!!

In this Video, I talk about how many people use the benefits of consuming marijuana as an excuse to continue their bad habit of smoking constantly on a day to …


  1. Good video bro. I currently just made my first vlog/YouTube video on my main channel. It would be dope if you check it out and subscribe to my channel if you can. I'm also getting on that YouTube shit.

  2. Great video bro, the worst weed smokers of them all are those that always say "weed makes me creative", most of those guys dont do anything, they only listen to music and watch youtube all day. and then they say we are lucky when we achieving our goals in record time.. I dont have a problem with weed smokers but I wish they can at least get shit done at the right time

  3. Good video bro, I smoke every once in a while. I believe If you want to smoke that's cool but don't use any excuses as to why you do it. Also make sure you taking care of your business before you even think about blazing up.

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