Our cannabis plants (Northern Lights)

Short video of our four cannabis plants which have been flowering for a little over a week. These are being grown with a hydroponic set-up using coco coir.


  1. Or come to New Zealand with the highest ratio of pot users in the world. We know what the fark we're doing… we won the can cup in 06 with a country of just over 4 million people.. go figure!

  2. Hmmmm mhmmmm! NL always wanted to try it… no doubt I'll get hold of some one day. One of my rhinos is similar stage except 2m high and has about 9+ heads 😀 hehehehe I can't wait to harvest.

  3. some weed are stronger then others so some plants like differnt then others duhh rtrd. plus theres two types of plants indica nd sativa btw. indica r short but wide leaves and sativa r long and skinny looking.

  4. Come to Spain.
    I've been living here for 4 years and may I say they shit people grow here is fucking insane, also great hash imports from Morocco.
    Police are awesome as well, they'd rather spend their time and money catching real criminals than busting pot growers and users.

  5. no wtf i plant this plant. i love whatching it grow because its exiting, like makeing a bong "i made this with my own hands" and im going to use it, growing it is cheap. im buying seeds 5 bucks for fucking like 50 seeds hopfully 1 male in my female crop and new seeds will come up. THEN they will bread and make new weed for a new harvest of only female plants youv apperantly never been high. its a natrual aid of fucking sleep problems

  6. because some are female, male hermaphrodite, and some are indica (pure) sativa (pure) indica/ sativa mix and diffrent strains are made from mixing pollen and buds together from diffrent types

  7. Keep thiking that! lol, ahh, you americans, why is it so hard to admit we have better pot… It's funny, because we aren't getting weed from cali but you guys are certainly enjoying our imported BC chronic! go figure…

  8. You Americans are so full of yourselves! how about come to B.C CANADA! and we'll show you how it's done! considering are number one export is marijuana, surpassing our lumber trade… and all you Americans are trying to get a hold of our strains and seeds, so shut up! "give it to us canucks"? more like the opposite…

  9. too bad you dont have more space thou. probably alot of energy that could go to the buds go to the areas that dont get light.

    however i am certain that shit will be good shit ^^

  10. I got a bunch of yellowed leaves that I've pruned off of my plant. Is there any SIMPLE way to extract THC from it? Right now I've put the leaves inside of a brown paper bag and stored it in my closet. Is there anything I can do with them?

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