Organic vs Non Organic Weed – Buying Eighths of Cannabis

Comparing Cannabis: Organic vs Inorganic flower. Cewpins buys an 8th of flower from two dispensaries and compares. High Tops Cannabis and Good Weed …


  1. Man I wish I'd live in a place where weed is legal. I'm so fed up with buying stuff idek what it is, where it came from and whats on it. Worst of all is that there seems to be a new trend to just spray synthetics on crap weed and selling it as great haze. Wish I could smoke some good weed lol

  2. Bro you are so the perfect stoner!! This was a great video I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never been to a dispensary in my life, from NJ here, but this was a very cool vid too enjoy thank you again man you really are too cool😎🤙

    Organic is always the way to go- I'll never not grow my own after this year. Just beautiful🥰👍

  3. Jesus man, I can’t wait for Australia to shape up. We get some absolute dank here surprisingly, but damn man we need dispensers and regulation here. But in your big cities (Sydney, Brisbane etc) we’re prone to pgr rock shit unfortunately. Kids going psycho left right and centre. In my area, luckily, we have people that care and very much love their smoke so with that comes growing the best we can in the most organic way we can with very minimal chemical input. I’ve had gorilla glue no 4, blue gnome, sour diesel x bubblegum, King Kong poison (gg4 x Durban poison), critical mass, critical kush, GD purple, Pineapple Express, northern lights no 5 (sickest stuff!), big bud, kaleshnakournikova (seriously?) just to name a few.
    The outdoor variety here is insane, something else big cities won’t have. All natural, all organic. A lot of the time the outdoor absolutely smashes the indoor out of the park. It’s bizarre but then again maybe all the natural process helps? If anyone comes over here make sure to check out a place on the mid north/northern rivers of New South Wales (about an 8hr drive north of Sydney) called Nimbin. Peace and happy blazin 🤘🏿🖤🤘🏿

  4. So real organic bud is sticky and has a strong scent? and non organic bud is non sticky and doesnt have smell? Kinda hard to tell nowdays because clones and gmo bud being produced, if grown good can still have a sticky and strong scent

  5. You can't buy organic in the retail market. The USDA is the governing body who handles the organic inspection and they will not visit a schedule 1# (thanks nixon) drug manufacturing facility

    And you know that 29% measurement was the dankest top-cola not that little poodle cut popcorn nug in ya hand. The retail market never sees that quality bud they took that sample from.

    Sadly most retail bud is radiated these days 😥 -cheers

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