Organic Suver Haze cbd flower " Golden Eagle Farms"

This is my review of the organic CBD strain called suver Haze. This is a strain that comes from a company called Golden Eagle Farms. I do not sell these …


  1. Awesome video, taz! I would say raw cones are the best way to go. You get the most out of your flower. I’ve been a heavy blunt smoker for about 10 years and once I looked into Raws and the benefits of an all natural paper, I could never go back. Look up the page Rawkandroll on Instagram, he’s the owner of Raw and he inspired me to stay true to the plant and appreciate its whole essence, and raw paper in my opinion is the best way to do that! Much love bro 🙏🏼❤️

  2. I added some new to discreet strains to what we got. All EXOTIC WEEDS
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    * Super Lemon Haze
    *Super Silver Haze
    * White widow
    *Blue Dreams  

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    * Golden Lemons
    * Bubba Kush
    * God’s Gift
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