Organic cannabis Outdoor Season 2020 mid July Update

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  1. Its just a phenotype, thats all. One of the parental plants has a tendency to turn such color. I bred all of my strains, one of those strains is Landrace sativa "Kilimanjaro" ..(all but Durban Poison)…bred by Durban Poison. The ones that i am growing in my tent right now…check em out…check their color. 🙂 muahaha(that be mah evil laugh)

  2. Plants are looking healthy bro 👌 Love the content bro. I made a channel to educate, learn and share from other growers and I think it'd be Dope if us growers stuck together as a community. I liked and subscribed to your channel and was hoping you could show some support as well. Id love some feedback on what u think about my indoor and outdoor grow and also open to advice as well. HAPPY GROWING. I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW OUR GARDENS BLOOM 🌿💪👌 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GROWMIE

  3. Lamoille represent! What are you spraying for bugs?? I've got some lil' fuckers that just started munching leaves…neem isn't getting it done! Your girls are looking bomb…I'm liking the mound idea. Looking forward to seeing them finish up! Here's hoping for a warm and dry Sept/Oct!!! 🤙

  4. Tomorrow is going to be even more brutal. Top fed and mixed up some recharge, mammoth p, natures brix, and nature's green amino with a shit ton of water. Matt Hemingway on Facebook.

  5. Your plants look healthy and bushy Groham. Your probably gona harvest 4-6 pounds each if the weather cooperates and u get no mold. I don't know what 73% humidity is like and it never rains in Central California Valley, it's like a frikin desert here at 10-12% humidity and it's 104 degrees everyday till mid Oct. Check out my new vids at,.. Backyard Cannabis Grow with Rando…

  6. The last few days have been rough for sure man! Sunday is supposed to be 90 something. Just got my LEDs and fans up in my greenhouse today…Your girls are looking great! Keep it up!

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