1. SO, NOW THE TRUTH IS TOLD!!! " LET'S Blame The JEWS For MARIJUANA"(see 22:19) (says Republican PRES. R. NIXON) My WHOLE FAMILY WAS PERSECUTED In A County Here In N.E. Ohio Well KNOWN As Majority REPUBLICAN, But Also Anti-BLACK, JEWISH, MEXICAN, ASIAN, et al. I suffer from CHRONIC PAIN 24/7 Caused By USA NBC Testing & Severe DYSLEXIA That ONLY Extracts of Cannabis Sativa Have REDUCED The Suffering. Almost Died Several Times After Coming-Off BIG PHARMA Pills After Successfully coming Off 25% of Largest DOSE of PAINKILLER Prescribed In USA, Prior To SWAT TEAM Raid on Person With No Previous Record at Age 63. ALL of ABOVE Is Legally Documented.

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