OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis Plants

My 110 day old OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis plants in a 4×4 tent with 600watt HPS bulb. I live in Oregon and it’s legal to grow Marijuana here. I usually grow 4 …


  1. I bought myself 5 og kush I wanna do one plant at a time not much space 45 euro for 5 seed in hemp shop in Ireland it legal for med use but strictly prohibited to most people who need it ud have to be dying before cbd treatment Irish legalise it yet my self I'm epilepsy thus y I do my own I'm not expert but the keppra meds they give me makes me not me so I enjoy smoking it I smoke recreational hence my seizures none in over 4 yrs is it OK I send pics of mine and for some advice my 420 friend iv cfl and the do good 5000 watts veg 5000watts flowering is that too much for one plant by the looks off us il need the big cfl save money on electricity I had choice of led cfl halide heat lap but cfl has been great in strength tricromes and sticky og kush is indicated domenent just il keep in touch on 1 January is starting germinate so I don't get mix up with time my brain memory comes an goes due to my last seizure 11 minutes 4 teeth smashed into mush how bad it was well thanks for time on video looks like 200 300 grams there after dry may be

  2. Hey man, found this thief stealing your videos.
    YT channel That One Guy, YT video ID v=QsvpJhh9Abg
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  3. Hello Montemike. I grew outdoors for first time. Now, I am hooked and want to grow indoors. I am having difficulty finding the seeds. Would you consider sending me a few seeds to start? I would be thankful. Growing in California is legal… cheers and thank you for the lesson.

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