Northern Harvest – Straweberry Ice – Unboxing Review 3.5g @ 18.3% (183mg) THC/g (+Extreme Closeups)

This is Northern Harvest’s Strawberry Ice strain, I haven’t had this since the start of legalization. Back then it was one of the good ones for the price because it …


  1. I had this one shortly after legalization. Got a 1g, smoked it a few times, then when I got my first vaporizer late Dec 2018, had the last hit that way. It was nice, mid-strength one like you say, nothing to really go gaga over. I'd get a 1g if available, but they aren't and I'm too stocked up to get another 3.5 at present. Cheers.

  2. IT COST $24.90 when it first came out . i didn't mind it the last time i had it . but haven't had it since . i might have to check it out again sometime . #BakedEditing . i don't think that the Backed Editing was the problem . it's you had too many videos in the bank was the problem . but that's a good problem to have. LOL. you cant blame this one on the Yawn Drops on this one . maybe it was your canna butter this time . HAHAHA .

  3. I was pretty baked while editing these videos and seem to have messed up the dates on a few, the last 2 videos were slightly out of order, but this one also was because I think it was supposed to go before those two. Oops, lol. #BakedEditing

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