1. I'll leave this here- Cannabis is an herbaceous flowering angiosperm plant species in the cannabaceae family of plant life … marijuana is an Tactical assault word. like taking a huge Dump on all we think we know are what we have been """ told """

  2. Cannabis plant … because Cannabidiolic acid ( CBD-a) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid ( THC-a ) are the main pathways for all cannabis to take we need term it CBD-a plants or THC-a plants … not Marijuana / hemp etc….

  3. 1:44 – what plant family is Marijuana ? What plant species is Marijuana ? what is the Phylum of Marijuana ? what is the Taxonomical Data for marijuana ? I am making this as simple as possible to trace and identify with the plant species we have on the earth . I am incapable of finding any botanical info that describes marijuana as a plant life … impossible to find ETC… Help me out here , anyone

  4. Roku, congratulations, take the message to the public.

    Although, it's sadly ironic, I'm less free living in the SE USA. It's a friggin plant Merry-KA, let us grow like 🍅 plants if we choose…..choice imagine that…

  5. What I find fascinating is doing some research and this plant goes way back two thousand years ago but I'm not still for certain on it Jesus used the CBD I'm sure probably with a little bit of THC but not to wear your out there but then again it is a plant it is a seed so I am just trying to find out if anybody else on here has done any research going way way back 2000 years ago back when Jesus was alive

  6. I got a question before I finish watching the video btw great info past videos now on to the question. How can there be a difference between hemp and marijuana when the actual genetic structure of the plant still remains the same with the exception of potency of THC,CBD,etc but it's still cannabis… but really the levels of potency either way should not determine it classification other than Cannabis Sativa,Indica ,Ruderalis and that base off their leaf /flowering structure ,potency,etc.js and still have a vary within each class themselves.

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