New York Cannabis News | Will New York Legalize in 2021?

New York Cannabis News | Will New York Legalize in 2021? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced earlier this year that he’s pushing for cannabis …


  1. Greetings from Canada , can't believe you people still can't grow your own plants , hope that changes for you , it's wide open here most people I know have garden's and even press they're own concentrate , cannabis supplies available everywhere , seeds , clone's ………come on up !!

  2. I’m sure big corporations will run the industry in NY with laws prohibiting small farmers from growing cannabis. they did it with hotdog carts with one or two companies monopolizing the business it’s hard to imagine them not doing it with cannabis

  3. To much emphasis on medical. The best way for medical patients to get high quality, affordable, pesticide and chemical free cannabis is to buy some seeds, get a few 5 gallon pots of dirt, put the seeds in the dirt and watch them grow. Best social equity program is to get police to stop harassing black people. Problem solved. Legalize it! Let people grow their own meds!

  4. Drop prices or let us grow. We all have ptsd from this shit life. This issue has ostracized us from our families who caused the ptsd. Do something to bond us. Make it recreational it’s the key to what’s missing in the world. Our endocannabinoid systems need it.

  5. Rural ny med patient here , i pay 150$ a year for my card but I have to drive 45 minutes to buy 1/2 gram cart that last me a couple days costs over 100$ each and they are often out of stock . On the black market that 100$ can buy me a month supply . Its sad . I feel like the state is at fault .

    The monopoly on cannabis here in ny is the worst . I wish they allowed homegrown like other states because getting my meds is expensive and hard to find .

  6. They just need to legalize marijuana in all states because they will be less deaths due to narcotics pills and benzos that the government is pushing on patients i live in Connecticut ive been sober for 8 years thanks for medical marijuana i grew up in long Island i hope it becomes legalized every were

  7. Much Love and Reverence from WNY as a patient.I’m really looking forward in price drop cause the Vape Cartridges that are normally $10-60 for 1 gram Live Rosin or Distillates with reintroduced Cannabis Derived Terpenes.Now in California,Nevada,Colorado,SD,and Arizona are reasonably priced versus NYS ridiculous $75-$85 per .5(half gram) Cartridge for Chronic patients.Now multiply that for a monthly supply it’s ridiculously expensive for someone who really needs it.Reform really needs to happen to those who are low income and also Free Trade Practices so it isn’t so Ridiculously expensive to Open an Operation to run a new business to create competition and revenue..Not sure what Corrupt Cuomo is doing.smh

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