1. Rich, let me start out with apologizing for so many posts, but I believe and I try to bring you News you can Use for watching certain picks. Right now I cannot resist holding back on the UFC Fights last night. Poirier was amazing and I really liked seeing McGregor beat down to the floor…….This was not only a Great Fight, but hopefully shouts up Connor for a while…….seems he keeps losing, Nate Diaz Connor Lost, Khabib Connor Lost, and now Poirier………..so much hype that he engineered a fight between him and Floyd Mayweather where he of course Lost as Connor is NO match in Boxing against Mayweather – come on man………along with Mayweather came the hype and promotion and big big bucks. To me and alot of peeps I know that it was a crazy idea one of the best boxers ever and some MMA fighter who had to only box…….enough said

  2. Rich, nice video and a heads up to Traders about a bitcoin play BTBT they have lots and lots of lawsuits against them……Chinese company that claimed to have thousands of mining bitcoin computers and have Zero according to the SEC, they made billions of $$$ so it seems to me before they are delisted Short them???….delisting I believe is just days away….can anyone say Fraud……do your DD peeps and if others have comments and know facts please post…..thx Rich for all you do…..Sorry one last thing if you did invest $ with them you can be part of a class action lawsuit that about a dozen law firms are going forward with….

  3. Rich. In Cali. I bought 7500 at .77 as soon as I saw your last video. Still super low volume here. But I like that. Way under the radar. How many shares do you have? You must be loaded, if this is your number 1 pick?

  4. Rich Zena gonna pop pop pop pop pop biiiiiiig brother!!! We NEED an update video because they are gonna be one of the big lasting players it seems and soooo undervalued it’s ridiculous…I think this is gonna fly as it’s just doing so much right now. Update please???

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