1. Love the video guys and I'd love to have a conversation about the shape of our planet.. it's not a plate or a ball. Lol.. smokers are usually open to the idea that we've been lied to about everything.. keep spinning 666 miles an hour through infinite space guys lol. God is real and space is fake boys.. watch a funny thing happened otw to the moon or just look up bubbles in space

  2. I got some cuts that were in flower took about 2-3 weeks to get roots and new growth 4 out of 4 took off 1 1/2 months later 4 ft tall and branched out like i've never seen flower sites everywhere…it would literally take 10 toppings to get these results…total time from taking cuts to nearly 4ft is about 9 weeks…I veg for 3 months anyways so its no time restraint in my particular situation and I feel like maybe this strain took to it well as im sure others are slow to grow if at all…I can see a sativa loving this technique more so then indica

  3. I did 4 monstercropped/ revegged plants this year . I threw out 2 blueberry and 2 girl scout cookies outdoors from my veg tent . The plants were about 6 weeks old and they were photo period plants. I threw them outdoors April 20th in southern California and the plants started flowering right away by June the plants started reverting back to veg and I kid you not every where that it had previously budded the plants shot out 6 to 8 new shoots out of every flower. Right now if I had to guess a weight each plant is going to produce about 32 ounces . I had the plants in direct sunlight on a drip system getting water twice a day with nutrients once a week it was also planted directly in the ground. We have very low humidity and strong direct sunlight in the high desert . Im sold on monster cropping . Dont knock it till your try it .

  4. Nah… monster cropping works folks! Not every one has the space for veg & flowering. Growing is all about experimentation. Don't limit yourself to these so called "experts". No time is wasted learning and trying different techniques. Its awesome when doing SOG (sea of green). Elitist growers are a$$es

  5. I've done this and they grow crazy af. I promise you the wait is worth it. You'll get a 2lb plant each indoors in a 8×8 tent with 2 plants easy with no topping, no stress training or supercroppingand breaking branches and waiting for them to heal the elbows. I know from experience. Use dynagro kln and I've gotten 100% success rate. Keep your grow area clean. Don't get lazy.

  6. Man I must have lucked out huge! I was given a plant, not knowing anything about growing cannabis. SHe was in bloom, no idea. I topper her, cut that top piece in half and rooted them both, then a wk later Oh wait get this I had the mother plant under 18/6 light for over a month before I had a tent to give it total darkness!
    So a wk after topping I took a little branch from the bottom and I mean TINY. It rooted and I am training it to grow horizontal.
    All are reverting to veg but the actual top is fighting me, been a month and only one part looks to be going into veg while the rest is still trying to push flowers.

    The Little Creeper (horizontal grow) I pruned a branch that was going up from the main stalk (and one under) and am rooting it now. To bad I can't share pic lol

  7. I try to watch every show but ya'll make it difficult when you spread misinformation. I use this tech all the time. I've done it over multiple generations. I get roots within 10 days at worst and 90% success. The plants are much bushier, keep a tighter internode and produce better. Between this nonsense and your powdery mildew advice ya'll might as well be reading fortune cookies.

  8. I just monster cropped 24 plants for my next grow and the top bud on the clone explodes with tons of tops. You pull them over with some wire and the tops keep coming. Made some really great plants!

  9. Supercropping has worked for me, when I take a cut a week into flower but yeah, the more it has begun to flower the harder it is to get it to root. You do get crazy bud site nodes when it works though.

  10. I can say i have monster cropped several times. Ussually from just being to busy to take clones befoure the switch. I will say it does take a little longer to root and revert back to veg. I have taken them as late as week 7 into flower. They will go through a mutation stage where wild single finger and mutated leaves grow but after a few weeks you get a branching monster. They grow shoot seemingling out of nowhere and get very bushy. It its not a beginers technique by any means but can be rewarding if done correctly

  11. I remember when i was like 16-17 or so in my first grow, I confused super cropping and monster cropping. We just called them interchangeably locally. Glad there is a difference, although I love the way plants look after a proper super cropping, they are little monsters. lol

  12. We don’t have enough information to determine earths shape, but it’s definitely not a ball spinning 1000mph, 66,000mph through the galaxy while hurling millions of mph through the theoretical idea of a universe.

  13. Occult monster cropping for a reason because you get a fucking monster when you're done that three weeks it takes to allow a root ball the form just wait it explodes you can Toupet three or four more fucking time and Scotty but she still going to get have a shitty plant

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