1. Imo you and hygro would be much better off running 2-5 plants per 4×4 you get same yield and bigger nicer buds. Big plants like this are great outdoors but indoors don't do as well. That's just my experience. And I woulda hacked a lot of your undergrowth.

  2. Nice grow bro love the DIY rdwc i have been wanting to build a larger size two unit system like yours for a while now and after seeing those two beautiful plants you have inspired me to go ahead with my build! Having a four plant limit here in Ontario Canada you have to get creative to make it worth while so keep up the awesome work you do and I guess you have about three pounds after trim and dry. Peace

  3. Faut savoir que selon mon expérience sa sere à rien 1000w du début à la fin voilà mon procèse , les croissance en led 1mois et la Flo 1mois et 15jours en engrais Flo et lampe sodium et la fin encore 30jours en seulement les rouge et que du phosphore 15jours se fin sans arrosage votre beuh sera jaune or et sentira grave ! l'exotique un truc de malade ! Sa s'appelle la beuh de dieu mdr

  4. Got 2 setups exactly like this, look forward great. Mine alwaysl look like this. Gets to the point that your disappointed if you get under 2 lb per plant. Shout out and props to hh.

  5. Hey man is love to have you on my Grow show lets talk cannabis check me out HASH INFO ON YOUTUBE I'm live daily I make huge balls of full melt bubble hash and dry sieve keif rosin tech checkout my playlist Med Hash Video's 412videos on the hash

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