1. Hey just wondering if you could give me any advice on heating up my 2.5×2.5×6.6 grow tent during the winter in the uk?

    My bedroom temps vary from 15c (59f) – 22c (71f)

    I exhaust air out of the house through a 4’’ RVK fan with a CF attached and suck air in from my lung room through vent holes.

    In my lung room I keep the window slightly open for fresh air which lowers temps.. and have radiators which I don’t want on all the time.. the humidity varies from 44%-66%, I’ve just ordered a humidifier and dehumidifier to create more stability.

    In the tent I have HLG 260w qb v2 lights, and 3 oscillating fans..

    Ideally I would just stick a small oil filled radiator inside my tent but worried about it taking up too much room as I want to fill up my scrog net completely. Maybe the radiator could sit underneath the canopy? I’m wondering if this wouldn’t burn or dry the leaves? I’ve heard ceramic fan heaters are popular too but again space and burnt/dry leaves are a concern.. tubular heaters apparently can burn holes in the tent and don’t produce much heat…

    As I sleep in the lung room keeping it 24 degrees all the time is too hot for me….

    Any advice from the pro’s on here would be highly appreciated.

    Love from London!!

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