1. Good points. That's horrifying they are shipping out stuff with pesticides in it. My question is how the hell did pesticides get anywhere near that? Crazy. They should have refunded, and people should file lawsuits against mettrum. Have you tried Tweedmainstreet or Canntrust?

  2. Thnx for the info, I was with mettrum starting in2015 till they got swooped up by BIG BIZ company TWEED so I use there site it has alot of diff companies selling stuff for us too experiment with. It seems the oils run out fast as production is slow for now =(. I used the yellow from start 3x a day along with my morphine pill(soon to be off them this year) Now I use a few diff. kinds of oils as they dont have what I need so Im trying for me,a costly venture as I dont have insurance and ohip is garbage. Now I smoke more in the pipe which is not good but until I find strains that help I need to shop around because like you girl I have multi issues and glad there is no hosp trips anymore frig that. So my advice as I have used canibus for 40 years so my usage has gone up and down cus the black market shit but NOW its ALL ok..GB you and live long and HAPPY~

  3. I'm with 4 LP's. Mettrum , Canntrust , Emblem and Broken Coast. My Mettrum stuff got recalled 4 times. Costing me over $1000 of medicine I had to toss out. I went with the other 3 LP's because they are pesticide free. I recommend Canntrust for you. They have very good oils. Similar to Mettrum's oils. Same price also. Emblem has no oil yet. But their welcome gift is the $90 travel bag on their web site. Very clean weed and it works.
    I also started to make my own oils. Very easy to do. And it saves me over $500 a month.
    Good luck. Cheers

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