1. I took several screenshots of certain things that you had up there and two of the books one is the food cure and the other one is grow your own medicine I believe it was but I didn't know the title of the third book that you had up there. So my question is what books do you suggest to start making an herbal medicine cabinet. And where do you suggest to start if I'm a fixed income. Oh Chaka I have a bag of that if my cupboard a friend of mine got it from a birch tree. Every time I pass birch trees I look to see if they have any Chaka

  2. Chaga can be awesome to balance your immune system and best antioxidant you can get 😉 my dr told me that after he looked up what i was talking;) lol good dr
    Too much you feel too acidic and its high in same stuff that's in spinach so may irritate thoes with kidney stones
    I used chaga and aloe Vera gel as a sunscreen last summer worked very well
    We want to go into the bush to collect this mushroom really soon:) much love xoxox thanks

  3. Those teas are great!Also those activated charcoal tablets are better than my loose charcoal..Yes food goes a long way to heal you!I used to put caraway tea in our girls bottles for colic too!!👍Great video appreciate the info Bibby

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