1. It sounds like they are not getting enough P/K during the flower cycle! If you don't give them enough time to finish, that can cause that too! I wouldn't recommend bud hardeners! The only things that I know will cause that, genetics, heat stress, not enough feed or pulling the plant early.

  2. Keep temps and humidity in ideal range, make sure they are getting enough P/K,if you are organic, high phosphorus bat guano and molasses. Ensure light levels are high enough, and the plants have enough CO2, either good fresh air exchange through intake/exhaust fans, or augmented CO2.

  3. nice work .. so whats the key to dense buds.. all i get despite the genetics is fluffy buds.. and it outdoors so light spectrum is not the issue.. i want dense huge buds.. then again who dont..lol

  4. I don't recall right off but I have since retired this variety due to the lack of weight production. Big, light, FLUFFY, buds. This pheno was definitely Sativa Dom. 9-11wks to flower and fluffy buds! And I have indulged in ChemDawg by other growers that was more potent than this one. But then again I only had one clone and getting my hands on an orig. isn't going to happen anytime soon regardless of the fact that I have connections to the man! So, on to something else! SOUR D!

  5. have watched many of your videos now homie. nice to see someone who DOES grow great bud. however in this instance. i do agree it came out horrible. however this gives nobody the right to take the piss out of the grower at all. personally…if you were happy, fuck everybody else.

    i just came from one of your kush grow vids. and you got skillage. fo sure!
    and if u would like to see MONSTER buds. check out my grow channel (YEP MINES) triplebc666

    one love

  6. theres a few hating oin the guy,saying not putting 100% in,but i am same,sometimes when funds low,have cut corner as much as hate too! ive grown 3 times and each time learn more,and it steep learning,so give guy rest we all started the same,peace all

  7. @ddavid993 If you are talking about the buds looking airy then you are right, but lights cost money and that's something I can't rely on anybody to supply. When patience's don't have money, then neither do I, well except for the money I have to borrow to keep things going. Real high demand in my area, just everybody is poor.

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