Mastering the Microbiome: A Master Class in Gut Health | Rich Roll Podcast

The first in an ongoing series of curated deep dives, today’s show is a veritable microbiome masterclass courtesy of the lauded gastroenterologists, scientific …


  1. We think of ourselves as human beings who live symbiotically with micro-organisms but what if we are actually products, extensions and a larger expression of these organisms; in fact if we are their engineered children i.e. that they produced us and hold us together? How might this change how we perceive ourselves and our relationship with them?

  2. Great podcast! Dr. Goldner should have been interviewed for this. She healed her own autoimmune disease with raw vegan diet and helps others heal with raw vegan diet and care (stress reduction etc). She can speak about the process of reducing inflammation not only in the diet and but other modalities as well. It’s her life’s work.

  3. Oats, which is not human food- it’s seeds of grasses
    Fruit, which are engineered not for nutritional value but sugar- fructose amounts , bred for taste only, you barely could eat wild fruit because of bitterness.
    Really??? That’s what you teach? Our ancestors were using energy poking around the field and picking a cup of grains every 14 hours ?
    Look at people on paleo for number of years like Mark Sisson, and look at your fiber gorging teammates. And I’m sure you’re successful fooling hoards of people. Shame on you

  4. What about carnivores? How could they be healthy without eating any fibre, if fibre would be the major source of nutrition for the little ones in our guts?
    Cheers from Germany! Great podcast Rich!

  5. Fiber is debatable. Taking grains which is not human food for fiber will wreck all your digestive system and prevent nutrient absorption – gluten and gliadin and anti nutrients. Just look at society and decide for yourself. I’ve been grain free for 3 years and cured all autoimmune diseases i had and am healthier at 40 than I’ve ever been. I eat strictly paleo/keto with bunch fermented stuff and never even had a thought about fiber. Dr Mark Human, dr William Davis, NT Liz Wolfe.

  6. I eat a whole food, plant based, oil free diet. Flatulence is off the charts. Been to 2 gastrointestinal docs. They say it's normal. Farting 150 times a day for 20 seconds each time is normal? Okay, guess I will just stay single the rest of my life. 😥

  7. Rich you are helping me a lot sharing this information! I'm dealing right now with a chronic disease and I feel that changes in my lifestyle and discovering the power of probiotics are really making a difference! Thank you! You are a blessing in my life! And all the team too!

  8. Fabulous idea Rich!! 💡
    Not to mention an incredible amount of work to do this!! 😃 Once again, YOU reinvent creative intelligence – so impressive!! THANK YOU!!

  9. I’ve listened to this episode 3x now because it’s packed with such helpful and knowledgeable information. Thank you for putting this together and sharing it with the world!

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