MARIJUANA WITHDRAWAL TIMELINE what to expect and how to manage it

Marijuana withdrawal effects some people but not others. Depending on the type of weed withdrawal you are going through your symptoms may vary. Marijuana …


  1. Thank you so much for this video, I’ve been using dispensary carts for about a 1-2 years every day. Slowly I was starting to get bad anxiety, panic attacks, and sweaty hands when I wasn’t smoking. I quit 7 days ago and first few days were hell but I am starting to feel somewhat like my self already.

  2. This is awesome advice definitely appreciate you making this! Like you said my anxiety has gone up the last few days but itll be worth it in the end when it goes way down. Thanks for the help

  3. Hey i just want to say I am really thankful for your videos. I am trying to quit weed because i am in the same boat you were years ago. Just like you I think it was carts that ruined weed for me and I literally hit my cart so much it's embarrassing. Every time i try to quit I fail. but recently i've been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain basically like someone punched me in the stomach and I'm walking around al the time feeling like that. If I smoke it helps for a bit but then actually flares up to be worse. I can drink water and I'll burp like crazy like a volcano exploding and releasing gas at once. Also I just force myself to burp in general just I feel instant relief but I have to constantly keep doing it so I only do that alone if its really bad. I also feel a lot of muscle pain especially in my shoulders and it's really adding to my stress. I can keep food down but it just hurts especially any dairy whatsoever and caffeine makes me very sick. I feel like I could be developing CHS but I don't really know. What I do know is that I really need to end my dependence on weed. I would really really appreciate your input on this. I want to end my suffering, Thank you <3

  4. Strange how things affected other things sometimes. Like if a parson next door to them died from smoking. And someone else moved in. Sometimes smoking could have affected who lives next door to them. Or who lives at a address. Sometimes

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