Marijuana Plant Problems- Manganese Deficiency, Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), Wind Burn

Got a few marijuana plant problems that I talk about in this episode – manganese deficiency, tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), and wind burn. If you enjoyed this …


  1. Both of your seedlings that had TMV looked healthy. How did the plants yield at harvest? Realizing now that my tent has it and I’m curious how this will affect the end result. Thank you for any help!

  2. Mr.Grow it i learned from you you can learn something from me germinate lentil, broad beans, and pop corn once germinated..blend use the water to make a tea add to plants one cup of rice two cups of water washs the rice use the water every 15 days just need to add magnesium zinc and you can still use youre methood of feeding one cup of fresh water after feeding best if you put water at night.

  3. What do you do when your soil is so high in nutrients from the beginning that when you to try to feed it even at low levels of nutrients, your PPM run offs are in the 2300 range.

  4. You should try kind soil for autos if you mix 50/50 in your pot with any other kind of soil no nutes are needed on autos i use fox farms on top with great results under a crap light and stop topping them autos your stunting them they only get so much veg time

  5. That funky seedling she look heaps better I thought she was a gonne for sure good job man ill keep watching to find out how snake venom went as ive experienced it recently and thought it was a crap seed so ditched it regret it now lol

  6. Hello, my plant always has some parts of the leaves deformed or incompletely growing (3 leaves or even 2 leaves) at the growth stage. I try to raise the N concentration or can't help the plant to recover.

  7. I always keep ph at 5.8-6.2. Sometimes I'll go as low as 5.6 and let it climb if I start to see deficiencies. Also, if you live in a hot area and the plants are exposed to hotter temps, try bringing up the potassium intake as that regulates the stomata and increases co2 uptake. Cold Pressed Liquid Kelp Extract for the roots and turbocharging the growth. Use the kelp extract in a foliar spray to encourage bushing out. And lastly, Silica… for increased resistance to pests and disease(also could be added to the foliar spray). With this, my plants in flower runs in the average range of 95*F with no problems.

  8. Do you trim your lower leaves for bugs and pests? I'm new so I have no idea I just heard the grow boss recommend it and I can already tell I'm not looking forward to doing that to my babies. If so when would you start to trim the bottom leaves? Another question I had is when would you first top the plant as in what week?

  9. I'm new to using coco almost a year I keep ph between 5.7 to 5.9 whole cycle I always use cal-mag no matter how or what I feed, you do know that you don't have to follow their feeding chart try lowering it some see how that works for you

  10. I went to his and sub up he does have good vid like its sight to the grow and real good advise as well that why I love ur vid good work brother wish I could have good vid like yalls but I do try

  11. My top 5 tips for growing in coco after 10 years

    1: ph is key to efficient growth. I keep a constant ph of 5.8 with a rise at weeks 3 and 5 to 6.2 to aid in pk uptake.

    2: medium needs to be kept wet at all times. All ways look to water with atleast 10 to 20 percent run off to aid in medium air exchange. I do this even with seedlings and results in explosive growth.

    3: pre charge your coco before planting. Calcium binds to coco so can inhibit calcium uptake in the first few weeks of use. Get round this by pre soaking with a 1/4 strength nute solution before planting. I then feed my seedlings straight away with this same solution. I have now taken to mixing in maxicrop calcified seaweed meal and this pre charges and supplies calcium for a good 5 to 6 weeks.

    4: dont get over enthusiastic with pot sizes. Work your way up. Only use pots with 20 percent more room than your last size. Over potting can set you back weeks.

    5: weekly doses of seaweed extract with a little vulvic acid 5:1 ( 5parts seaweed to 1 part va) will see explosive growth. Foliar this in veg as well and your girls will reach sexual maturity much quicker !!!

    Happy growing 💚🌱🔥👊

  12. Tmv will spread through contact and reduces yield. If you smoke cigarettes it can get on your hands from that and it can also spread by touching a plant that has it then touching one that doesn't.

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