Marijuana Needs to be Legalized in Australia | My fibromyalsia challenges and how cannabis helps me

This video about decriminalizing marijuana is a bit controversial but needs to be made. I ask that you keep your opinions constructive to others in the comments.


  1. I have a mental disorder and have not had cannabis for 3 months. I haven't felt happy for a long time and I truly feel deep in misery. I only ever treated cannabis as a medication, not really to chase highs or "party it up" if you get what I mean. I wish the best for you and hope cannabis will be legal for everybody, especially those like us who truly need it.

  2. Wow Amby i had no idea how badly you suffer that's terrible for you. I sincerely hope the government gets their act together and help people like you. You don't deserve to suffer,please stay strong 💪. You have a support group right here💖

  3. I feel for you amby and hope all the politicians stop being scared to speak out for change I did a medicinal trial of cannabis oil when I had cancer and the results were sent off to the NSW govt. where no doubt they were hidden away in the too-hard basket.

  4. Its a common discussion in my fibro group. The problem being it is medically legal, so they can charge 2.5k a month.

    I would offer you some of my spoons if I had any to spare, gentle hugs.

  5. This is educational. I have been trying to research for a informative YouTube vid like yours that breaks down the stuff in this vid! 🧑🏻‍⚕️Your vid for sure is similar to the content from Dr Ethan! His demonstrations are useful and he helped me on school. He is the most informative health enthusiast in the UK and he explains health symptoms.

    I recommend you watch his YouTube out and give Doctor Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanMedLife

  6. I %100 agree i have degenative ,i am disabled with painful censory peripheral neuropathy ( nerve damage in my arms and legs ) that give me pain 24/7 but fear buying oil as i can not afford to be arrested or go to jail so meds it is even if they give mr siezures , i wenr fr4om 5 pills a day to 20 in 10 years and so life goes on ……………… Thumbs Up

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