Marijuana Is Medicine PT1- New Jersey Documentary

A documentary film directed by Jim Incollingo and produced by The Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey CMMNJ. Featuring patients and health care …


  1. I knew that, it's just after watching as many y/t videos as I do I tend toward cynicism in my comments. No one is more a proponent of legalization than I am. I grew up in Joisey and the route they were planning for medicalization of marijuana was way more moronic than any thing I've ever heard proposed.

  2. you are the biggest moron i have ever heard on youtube and that says a lot .

    Besides it doesn't matter what value it has , this is a free country . If people wana smoke let them smoke and anybody who dont like stfu because it isnt gonna hurt anyone jesus h Christ ottomadicly is fu**ing dumb . its people like you that hold this country back . complete garbage you are talking .

  3. @ottomadicly You're an idiot. There are tons of research studies from numerous medical research universities (ever hear of Harvard?) that prove marijuana has numerous medicinal qualities. How many scientists and medical professionals work at the DEA? Oh, right.

  4. These people must be high or something to think that marijuana helped them medicinally when the DEA just decreed marijuana to have no medical value. Now who would you believe, Your Government or these whiners?

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