1. I remember when I was small i use d to alway get a dream of me zooming in like what you say i feel like i am the universe in mt dream. Now i have grown up took psychedex and found that the dream is just like these trippp

  2. I did about 400ug of LSD, smoked some weed, and tried nitrous, but it really didn’t do anything. I inhaled probably 3/4 of a balloon and inhaled the rest of my lung capacity with air and held my breath. Am I doing it wrong?

  3. You were tripping pretty hard huh? Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are difficult to find sometime, so I bought a bunch of Blue Hawaiian Morning Glory seeds, which also contain LSA. You just have have to eat alot more.

  4. Fucking insane. Makes you wonder so much. This is the type of shit I feel like could wake someone up right away, that we are so much more than what we realize. We're trapped in reality and most people have no clue what's really going on.

  5. Subscribed ! & Can you tell me how to differentiate between Argyreia nervosa & Argyreia speciosa (does not have LSA but it looks same) here in india shopkeeper Don't know what they are selling.

  6. im recently new to tripping, ive only tried 2C-B before. I have 6 20mg tablets and ive only ever took one at a time, would it be a good idea to try 2?

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