LOWERING YOUR WEED TOLERANCE (Wake and Bake Smoking a Blunt)

Wish you could get high as quick as you did back in the day? Well switch it up a bit. hit the pipe instead of your usual bong bong. Roll a blunt instead of the …


  1. It's so hard, it was always great when I just smoked once in awhile but then I mixed it with more than just partying, I did the worst thing, I started playing videogames better while high. Now I'm used to smoking while playing and dont like it as much without it. Even 3 months at boot camp didn't really help my tolerance tho, I'm just worried doing it like only 2-3 times a week won't actually help my tolerance, I'm at dabs and vaping after to even get a high for like an hour if it's a good hit and shit. It's just such a relaxing thing to do at the end of the day but I miss when I'd get loopy.

  2. My issue..is…i hate the paranoid, heart racing feeling. But i also hate not feelin anything. So when my tolerance is low..i try to smoke PAST that level tolerance. But i smoke myself into high tolerance. Guess im just tryin to find a middle ground that isnt there. Now switchin up the methods 🤔 u on to sumn there

  3. to start laughing guys i promise you get a really close comfortable friend around while high and smoke more weed then usual or just enough and you guys will be dying off.

  4. I barley smoke like 2-3 g a day took a 7 day break smoke a blunt was high as fuck for the first time in a week or two…. high lasted an hour havnt been high since and I smoke good dispensary kush usually 20-30% thc

  5. Tolerance has nothing to do with it. Either your smoking top shelf or your not. I smoked top shelf for years & was always good. Plugs stopped selling top shelf to get cheaper bud & i haven't been the same. It's all about the strains you smoke. But most of the weed in nc is bullshit coming from dc. Reject pack. I miss that top shelf bud

  6. I know this vid is old but temp the info youve given your fans is wrong, you can most defeintly reset your weed tolerance. Overtime as you smoke the thc binds to the cannabonid receptors causing some of the receptors to shutdown which results in a less euphoric high asbtince from the drug anywere from a week to a month will make the high much stronger as the receptors begin to reset

  7. Imna super light weight. It takes less than half a g to get me to Jupiter and back like I'm goneeee. Sometimes i take a 2 month break and sometimes I take 2 day break but either way my tolerance is super low. I don't know why this is. The highs last for about 4-6 hours each too

  8. my tolerance for weed is so sad i cant even get high at all whats so whatever only for 3 mins ill feel high i just wanna stop but then i always ened up needing a blunt

  9. Just found your channel dude your pretty chill.

    So my problem is like when I first started smoking I’d smoke a bowl of a bong and get high.
    Now like I need to take a week to two week break before I’ll get high again and it only lasts like 2-3 days.

    On top of that only bongs seem to get me high man.
    I can hit that blunt and that pipe all day and not feel a thing.
    Weed smoke becomes like oxygen to me and I just breath it in and get nothing.

    I wanna get fucked off my rocker. I wanna get the shakes again and be fun and crazy.
    Not this I’m smoking 5 bowls and nothings happening nonsense.
    And I know it’s good weed because my friends are getting ripped off the stuff.

  10. I don't get high no mo. Weed is some weak ass shit. I only randomly get high sometimes. It's hard to replicate though. I used to love weed. now it's just a shitty habit. I'm always asking how high I feel from a scale of 1 to 10. I can sometimes get to a 5 if I keep smoking tons but it quickly fades away within 5 mins. dabs get me high once a day for like 5 mins then the rest of the times i hit it it like smoking grass with no THC.

  11. first you need really good weed.Weed that has the THC it is advertised. say some bud claims 25% THC.I say BS Why because as a true stoner Ive tried good shit claimed good shit with no claim BOMB then show event quality.A true 22% THC will get you high as fuck. smoking for 30 plus years.I ses everyday for 2 hours with friends till we are good and this is on good shit.Then when the bad shit comes around and it claims SCLABS ETC again BS. If the SHIT is REAL it will fuck you up. Smoked backyard boogie 3 friends all different rippers me INDICA ONLY friend all kinds and another friend only sativas. we came across some some shit that was backyard boogie grown. Claims on no THC % BUT real claims of a REAL AFGHANI #1. it fucked everybody up so bad it was not even funny but it was a break in period for the radical shit.. Real afganhi only claims 17% THC so you tell me why that is..FIRST it is the chemical molecule makeup of the strain it self. IM sure everybody claims i smoked real afgahni #1 right ok cool and are YOU SURE you put your life on it or was it just a sick ASS strain smelt good smoked good got you high as fuck so your sure. The only way to know is if the strain is seed grown from quality seed bought from a reputable seller say 300 dollar seeds. all these collectives around the USA since the whole inception of weed just sells RIPPER weed.It gets you barley high smells like shit TASTE like shit or nothing AT all all prepacked weed jar weed bag weed its all bunk.They are GROWING and moving and selling and claimning its good shit when it a strain like TOP44 BIG JUICY BUDS LIGHT GREEN SMELLS GREEN and keeps customer happy yes they sell seeds like so the TOP44 means it flowers to light GREEN hard THC buds in less than 44 days yeps also those bogus autoflowering clones the new school weed is all bunk.

    What do you think the growers who move LBs all SMOKE .They smoke fine ass bomb weed properly flushed grown fully out and not CUT EARLY yeah all those shops where they get their weed from dealers who are in it like 99% for the CASH

    so you get early cut bud not potent not flushed weed or half flushed weed tiny ass popcorn weed or so they try to pass usually like again 90% of the shops all across the USA.

    EXPERIENCED been to over 100 shops across the USA all bunk.

    newbies coming in girls ok it might fuck them up but no collective has the RIGHT GROWN WEED to SATISFY a true VETERAN STONER LIKE MYSELF.

    Look at DJ SHORTS you know the blueberry inventor and all those strains.You think he has a problem getting HIGH in the AM or anytime where he has to make a VIDEO on why or how to get high or how bout cali connection seed seller EDWARD SWERVE CLARIZIO SFV OG YES TAHOE OG YES.

    if you guys checking out this vlog here you need to know what iam talking bout and how these guys i just mentioned tie into the getting high..You think they have a problem no they dont because they smoke REAL SHIT.

    experience to all purchased the real deal seeds grown out co2 lights 4000watts the whole nine yards never looked back and can get FUCKED UP like i was a beginner EVERYday.The strain thats REAL is that good.

    all you claimed stoners just smoke that bunk weed possibly alot.I use to smoke 4 ounces a week of 65 dollar or higher 3.5 grams of weed from collectives and after say a year what a waste.HIGH is NOT GOOD. taste like shit wears OFF fast especially if you rip alot.I rip ever 5 minutes yes good shit.

    i keep ripping til i cant TAKE NO MORE
    MOST new school stoner i meet they they like a few hits and claim they are good then go on a rant how it makes them feel all good and how just a little goes a long way and how they can go to work all that bullshit.Then then proceed to claim they are stoners cause they smoked for 3 years.

    HAHA what a load of new school smoke im a stoner shit.Iver heard this shits from all ages from 18 to 45 to 65 stoner yeah right

    What you need to title the video here is


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