Living Soil, Greenhouse Design, Pest Management in Cannabis Cultivation

Scott Skamnes and Sara Morrison, Soil Scientists at Crescive Soil Services sit down with Eric Brandstad, Greenhouse Consultant, Greenhouse Advisory Group …


  1. Love this! Long time grower, 👉 10 years breeding now with rare clone only strains, and F-4 male and I love it, starting my BnT420 Medical seeds biz soon, I have had it with most seed banks ✌️❣️

  2. The upshot is, we just cannot pretend cannabis (or anything else) is really "natural" or "organic" if it's grown under lights connected to coal/nuclear/gas power plants.
    I see a lot of folks talking about using no-dig and living soil etc techniques indoors and thinking they're awesome and "green"… but they sure don't like to talk about their electric bills and how much water they're going through. :/

  3. It would be cool if Scott made a list to help people identify 'detects' since he's sensitive to them. It gets old telling people "I dont know what that is but it isn't Cannabis" when I smell or taste something foreign in a bud. Its hard enough trying to convince someone you know the difference between garlic bud and bud that's been sprayed with garlic, milk phenos and bud that's literally got dairy products in it,etc.

  4. Commercial growing makes no sense, because they put money people in charge of decision making. What to do with leaves? Make another product out of em, of course! Lip balm or some shit. Instead of putting it back in the soil and protecting against molds. They waste every opportunity that arises from a natural process by jumping on a surface level opportunity of a manmade process. Growing health plants is never considered. After these plants grew in a nature for so long, growing treated plants somehow makes sense. It doesn't.

    Fertile soil and symbiotic microbes should not be poorly understood by professional plant growers.

  5. Eric: "A good diffuse cover will split the light and actually create more light particles."

    I've heard Eric say this repeatedly in talks he's given and he really needs to educated himself on the physics of light diffusion so he ends this misinformation. There is simply no more "light particles" (photons) created via diffusion. None. Zero. Basic laws of physics apply.

    Diffusion is merely the act of changing the direction of travel of the photons in a more widely distributed way than previous. In fact, since no reflector or diffuser is 100% efficient, there is always LESS light going out of any diffusion film than coming in and the loss is to heat.

    This is not to say that diffusion films in greenhouses are not useful, just not for the absolutely false reason that Eric keeps giving.

  6. Hugelkulture, charged biochar, and Terra perta. That paramagnetism grows better than fertilizer. Even better with fertilizer. Those charged carbons in soil make it black and rich. They hold nutrients and water making the paramagnetism. Like when the plants grow after a storm. The deeper the black rich soil makes better growing. Releasing nutrients and water as needed. Its why some places grow better. Grows trees not bushes literally. Over 400% increase.

  7. The disconnect comes from intent. A large farm generally cares more about profit, quantity, and processing of the end product. Smaller farms tend to be closer to the project. The greenhouse isn't an oil factory, it's a place where human beings grow plants…and thus take more pride in their work.
    I've got nothing against big farms..but it should be recognized, there is a difference, and it shows.

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