Let's Talk: Cannabis Processing & How To Book a Consultation

Just what it says in the title! For those of you that would like to send me something in the mail feel free to use the address: The710extractionist PO Box 5638 …


  1. Quick question on the subject of extraction, did you ever use QWET to wash? I was a QWET tech back in the day and I have to say the first washes were equivalent to “la creme” bubble hash washes with way less labor and credit for end product. Made for awesome terpy “shatter”. I know now a days that’s an oxymoron.

  2. This man proceeds to comment on rigs and does a cameo of the rig I HAVE to have! Besides this man’s knowledge to extract, his rig collection is second to none! I will own that frosty glass piece sir, mark my words!

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