1. How often should we be drinking this? I know you said three days in a row then stop, so every week only have three cups? If using for preventative means? Could you do a video on how you rotate your herbal teas during the week or month? Thank you as always!

  2. Hello! I hope you will be able to answer this question
    I want to use my infused herb oils in my bath bombs but my bath bombs have distilled water in them, will this be ok? Or will the oil go bad in the bomb?
    Thank you

  3. One day will you show us the best way to store these herbs and where you buy them?

    Also will you remind me your cycle?
    These are the only ones I can remember (thank u for the 3 day rule)
    Red clover

  4. Thank you so much for this video. It appeared at the perfect time…for me. I've collected red clover blossoms from two large plants of it in my yard. I knew it was a beneficial herb, but this video taught me what to do with it and why I'm so happy to have it growing in my yard. Bless you and the work you do for us. 😀 <3

  5. Is there an herb that is good for getting bad bacteria out of the gut/ gut health? I had a bout of e coli last summer (not the shiga producing one, fortunately) and to this day my digestive system is not quite right; it is ever so slowly healing & I will be patient, giving my body the time it needs to heal. Any info. is greatly appreciated! I enjoy your videos & am interested in your book.

  6. Would a red clover infusion and a raspberry leaf infusion together (after made or some of each leading up to menstruation) help with cramps, hot flashes and long, heavy menopausal periods.

  7. Hi i have an unrelated question, have you ever used love jn a mist seeds personally(nigella damascena and not sativa)? Ive read conflicting into about it and would like to know if you, or anyone here has firsthand experience with it !

  8. Thank'Yu fer jus be'n Yu 🙂 … an Thank'Yu fer this video .. I drank Sting'n Nettle bout 4 days outta tha week an now Red Clover 1-2 days outta tha week.. We'll hav' Red Clover grow'n wild here on'tha Farm in'tha Sprang time thru Summer an I har'vest it .. Hav' a gud'n Sweet'Heart..
    ~Mountain Daughter

  9. Perfect video for me, where I am in nz it is growing everywhere, just picked a basket full and plan to dry a whole heap for use throughout the year. Definitely going to try this tea infusion, thank you xx

  10. It not expensive if you have or live near a hay field, most will have some red clover mixed in. I usually pick it in June-July and dry it for later use for tea or to feed as a treat to my chickens in the winter.

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