1. I hope he drops winners of the name the strain contest Saturday it would be nice to win something on 4/20.. Regardless keep doing you. You have got a lot smarter thru your time on this channel and made me smarter, but you have stayed humble thru out ✌

  2. I love the KIND led light.Firstly, because I don't own one yet and secondly because of all the adjustments you can make from the floor without crawling all over the light. Everything looks Amazing my New found friend and Peace , Love and Hippie Beadz to you and yours and Much Respect ✌💚👊😎

  3. 02:15 I hate to be that guy, but won't that technically be female pollen from the STS treatment. Unless it's a polyploid, it's technically genetically female. You're the breeder though, you should know, I'm just some dude right.

  4. i would like to hear, what's the best color ratio to achieve even bigger yields, like how much blue/green and red spectrum, since you can manually adjust the colors.

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