Learn to make feminized marijuana seeds using gibberellic acid (GA3!)

GA3 is a plant hormone that can be used to force a female marijuana plant into a hermaphrodite to make your own feminized seeds! Now you can easily cross …


  1. Hey Justin, great video! Got a question, can i use the GA3 to self-pollinate? Use the pollen of the hermies and pollinate the same plant.. would in that case produce toxic seeds?

  2. Power Grown .com sells high quality ga3 that comes with dilution sheets with the ppm calculations already done for you. it comes with a 0.15cc scoop that weighs 0.08g of ga3 and we've made a table you can refer to so you dont need a scale. its good for the first time user and expert a like! For usage of ga3, it dissolves better if the alcohol is hot. You can microwave it. Ethanol works faster then isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol. Mus be 70% or greater. The higher the purity, the faster it dissolves.

  3. I tried to make my own colloidal silver and it killed my plant. I ended up buying "WeedToSeed feminized seed spray" on ebay and it worked excellently. I bought a bottle before that but the bottle was so small that I ran out before it even made any pollen.

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