KushCo CEO Nick Kovacevich on Newsmax discusses the MORE Act and the future of cannabis policy

KushCo Holdings (OTCQX: KSHB) Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Nick Kovacevich appears on Newsmax’s Saturday Agenda with Joe …

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  1. This was hard to watch – Luke: "Candies and gummies that are 99% potency being pitches to kids…" Luke, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!!!!??? You can't tell me because it doesn't mean shit! The POTENCY of edibles is measured by MILLIGRAMS. Now, let's assume you meant to say THC percentage – at 99% THC, that would mean those kids you refer to are eating THCA crystals, and that won't end well – pun intended. Or perhaps you did mean to say 99mg of THC – if so, you should know there are THOUSANDS of medical patients in my state alone whose single dosage exceeds 99mg of THC. 99mg of THC would do nothing more than wet their palate, particularly patients and purchasers with GI complications that hinder absorption. Lastly, those with higher tolerances, including but not limited to patients and purchasers with traumatic brain injury (TBI) rely on concentrates such as 99% THCA crystals, to provide them with the relief they need. Putting a cap on THC % would be neglecting the medical needs of them and countless of others, not including those who are misinformed and would benefit greatly from cannabis, but often receive misinformation from culture vultures like yourself. Tell me, would you prefer they take up opiates? The Smart Approach before the next time you get on camera and try to speak on the science of Cannabis would be to brush up on the research of Ethan Russo and Extractioneering.

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