Juicing Cannabis For Pain Control – Easy Marijuana Cuttings, Part 2 of 3

Recommended Juicer: Canadian Medical Marijuana Patient documents his quest to manage the pain of arthritis with Juiced, Raw, …


  1. For greens like spinach and this, my wife will cut a cucumber in half down it's length and make a cucumber/spinach sandwich so that the greens get got by the centrifuge blades and not just tossed out the back.

  2. im doing some research on cannabis. I refuse to smoke it and get high. I do know that it controls arthritis and seizures. My mother was diagnosed with dimetia, and I'd like to juice a little bit of cannabis with other green veggies. Let me know what you guys think

  3. It looks like you're just making chlorophyll carrot juice, the sugar on the leafs would just shoot over to the scrap bucket.  Bubble hash added to your juice is a better way, unless you just like drinking chlorophyll. 

  4. Actually I take my blender(vitamix 5200) and blend my greens until they are completely busted up and then run them through a stainless steel filter. That to me is the best way to recover as much juice as possible. These centrifugal juicers only work with fruits. Masticating juicers work better, but even they don't recover much juice. Also add a banana to your juice and a little chuck of ginger to help the stomach so you don't get any upset.

  5. One fellow told me > "Juice fresh raw marijuana. You get the medicinal benefits without the THC". I too am looking for a way to get CBD's etc without THC in a non-medicinal state due to UA at pain doctor visit of all places.

  6. The best juicer for cannabis is a wheatgrass juicer – known as a masticating juicer. The alternative is like the one I bought first, a centrifugal-style juicer that is better used for carrots.

  7. awesome tip on the hand-crank juicer! thanks! and yes – you will test off the scales for THC in your blood… occasionally, mine is 600 times the maximum tolerable dosage for THC… they will wonder why you are not intoxicated at all…

  8. If you are looking for a hand-crank juicer go to discountjuicers here on Youtube and type in the search box on his channel hand crank. He has a vids on a couple different ones. Would you happen to know or not if consuming juiced cannabis would make someone come up dirty on a UA

  9. The juice press I bought was $400. Their not cheap but I think I'm old enough to say that " You get what you pay for" and when it comes to your health care it's worth every penny 😉

  10. I've believed that all natural healthy vegetables, fruit and others keep our natural body's working at their best so get rid of all processed foods and sugars, carbohydrates eat the fiber you juice from and clean out your body's organs and you'll be a happier healthier person. 8)

  11. Hi Barrbie – Juiced #cannabis or raw leaves could be added to many recipes, but if you heat it, then it becomes psychoactive – and – it loses much of the medicinal benefits offered by the raw form, simple because you cannot take a big enough dose when it is psychoactive.

  12. (googles vitamix) – ah – I have seen another person who blended the leaves then strained the mix and drank the juice… and they prefer this because of the additional proteins and essential oils that are included.

  13. Awesome tip on the correct type of juicer for cannabis! I recently saw an example where someone blended the leaves, strained the juice and then drank it. A bit more material, more of the beneficial components of this amazing veggie!

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