1. Honestly the weed thing could be true. I have MILD paranoid schizophrenia (i think) im not diagnosed but everytime im in public now I feel like people are not even people their demons and when they said the smiles are evil thing i couldnt help but get a chill. This is not a cannabis paranoia. Like when your a kid hoping the gas tennant doesn’t know your baked lol. I don’t give a fuck it’s legal now up here in Canada. This is very spiritual. My life took a crash and I lost a lot of people and a lot of opportunities and my mental health declined because of it causing what im describing. But i’ve been a stoner way before the trauma happened so I believe cannabis actually helps me still BUT if im getting that weird ass shit thinking people are actually aliens and ive been abducted into this weirdo covid 19 reality where everyones a demon hahahah. Fuck.

  2. Marijuana is a 10 no 100 times better than any anti depressant or anxiety pill I have ever tried or taken point blank period and I dont mean constant use 24/7 I mean once a month or twice if that . 🤘💯

  3. Pause.. and look up videos of people on Meth/methamphetamine, and you'll see that this guys argument is CRAP, If anything it would enhance scysophrienia, And its also addictive on top of that…weed is not addictive and it makes people more aware. This is one of the biggest load of crap I've heard on JRE.

  4. Go listen to the full podcast and i think this guy is either one of the worst or is the worst guest Joe Rogan ever had. This fella is high as a kite and slurring on his words BS most stuff through along with his biasness and prejudices whilst shitting on others who have their own or opposing views. You wanna see cancel culture at its peak. This is the example. And God he's just so misinformed on stuff but manages to believe himself anyways.
    Go compare this fella with other professors and doctors that are positive or unbiased on drug use weighing the pros and cons more objectively but this guy is totally wanting people to be "junkies" no matter what and saying being an addict is useful and beneficial. I wouldn't take this guy's words seriously at all.

  5. I've always suspected the way he gets attached with his phone, but anytime I go through the phone, I always find nothing suspicious. I came across OPTIMUMTECHNOLOGY1 on IG, he helped me in retrieving all of my boyfriend's deleted msgs, and there was it, romantic conversations with my best friend

  6. I say humans create schizophrenia by the way they treat others. Being paranoid is only because you feel zero trust. If I could trust society to be good 100% of the time I wouldn't be paranoid.

  7. Anyone else wonder why Joe cut off Dave Rubin, like a specific reason? The only thing I can seem to find online is that Rubin (although he claims not to be an intellectual) mispoke a few time or something. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like we could do with his input right now

  8. The reason think people aren't following joe onto spotify because he wont shut the fuck up about the corona virus. It the same conversation every podcast. I come here to get away from the hysteria.

  9. Drugs should remain illegal like Biden has been saying for 40 years

    I mean… if it saves one life right? Don’t we have to save grandma? Or else you’re a selfish “trash person”?

  10. My husband was taking adderall and it would make him think I was trying to kill him and that he was a religious figure that everyone knows and everyone was trying to kill him it was so bad

  11. Rogan before Spotify – "weed don't cause no schizophrenic effects"

    Rogan on Spotify – "weed can definitely trigger schizophrenia"

    Your so transparent Joseph!!!

  12. As a schizophrenic I like they are having conversations about it. I do not use any drugs or alcohol. Too much caffeine causes me to have a psychotic episode as well. So I do not take any drugs but I am on anti-psychotics.

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