Is living In The USA Better Than Living In Germany?

In this video, I talk about some of the ways that living in the US is better than living in Germany. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great things about living in …


  1. I can not understand the militant opposition against smoking of Americans and many other peaple from other countries. To my person: I smoked about 33 years the strongest one and stopped it 20 years ago till today. I am healthy, and I had also no problems in the past with my health. It gave here also all the time that Goodpeaple who warned always about that great poison. And after they emitted this, they had no problems to enter their cars. A german car (Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW) need every hour 60 times more Oxygen than a smoker in his complete life. And it is not fresh air what is coming out of the exhaust. And when I think to the snotcooker in America (not 7 but 30 Liters Per 100 km), absolut necessary for every jump around the next corner and lightyears away from German standards, and of course, planetwarming does not exist but a molekul of tobaccosmog is killing; this is not weird for me, this is ill.

  2. None of my friends smoke. I think Germany is a few years behind of the US in fighting this habit. It has changed a lot. When I have been a child it was perfectly normal to smoke everywhere without asking for permission. No matter if there where children around. That's no longer the case. The legal age has been risen from sixteen to eighteen, it's forbidden in public transportation, at platforms, in railwaystations, in all restaurants.

  3. Hey Seth, this is a very well researched and composed Video, and you made an important point multiple times: The USA are so big and there are so many different states with different rules and habits, that generic comparisons in youtube-Videos are usually fail.
    Most of the time I am watching "Something, something in the USA vs. something" with constant head-shaking, because it might be true for someone living in Georgia but does not hold for someone living in New York.
    But again, you made that very clear in your video and that makes it very entertaining and yes, we learn from it.
    One comment on house buying – the statement you're making is for example not true for my personal situation, for me it's exactly the other way around and is the reason, why I do not own a house yet – it's so f*ckn crazy expensive here compared where I come from in Germany, that I simply can't afford it. But please note, in my very subjective view, I am comparing "apples and pears" – I live close to NYC, one of the most expensive regions in the US, and I look at the house prices in the rural Eifel in Germany are a fraction of what I need to pay here. I know, it's silly to compare, but for me (and only for me), this is what counts, this is what I know 🙂 For a Munich vs. Valentine, NE it might look slightly different 😜.
    Enough of that, I liked the video a lot and I am looking forward to more!

  4. I think it’s GREAT when a country isn’t as diverse as the USA!
    This is how countries keep their traditions and mindset and can distinguish themselves.
    If every country becomes “the USA” with a bunch of immigrants we won’t want to travel and see the world. Cause it all will be the same!

  5. I think that smoking is a matter of personal freedom. I don't smoke and I don't like it. But I don't have to act against it if someone does it. Everyone has their own decision, regardless of whether I like it or not. It's still relatively acceptable to smoke in public. But you can say that the younger smoke less often than in the past. So it will only take a little longer until fewer and fewer people smoke.
    And you can roughly say that everything that is not forbidden is allowed in Germany.

  6. You really look up facts and numbers, unlike other Youtubers, that is refreshing. Personally I would have included some other stuff, like quality and friendliness of service in the US, or that it is MUCH easier and cheaper to start a company or a business.

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