I get a lot of questions about my Instant Pot meals whenever I post them. Is it worth it? Is it healthy? Should I get one? So I thought I would make this ‘quick’ little …


  1. Best dam chickpeas I ever made,! They were my first food to try making in this pot. Kept eating them as I prepped to make hummus. I bought it to replace my old rice cooker and it has become one of my go to kitchen gadgets. Thanks for great nutritional info and yummy recipes. And usually making me laugh and smile. That’s always good.

  2. Loved this! I've always had a great feeling about getting one of those since I saw Mic the Vegan with one (: Thanks so much for sharing! I always love your videos. You're definitely my all-time favourite fitness youtuber. Keep up the incredible work brother! ^-^

  3. Just put the sauce ficture on when you put the ingredients that will warm the pot more fast and then change for the ficture you need for example cook beans will reduce the warm time in half

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