1. Big disappointment they don't give you the measurements anymore inside the thing where as if you wanted to cook 2 cups of rice it tells you how much water to put in there it doesn't have that anymore

  2. Glad I come across your channel and learn how my new 8Qt instant pot works. You have a beautiful name and wanna let u know that I have a vaccine cleaner and it’s brand name is Kirby. You might have heard about it. It is really amazing how it cleans the carpet.

  3. Kirby this looks like a really neat product when you start using it or if you can look in the manual let me know if you can make chili in it. I have a rice cooker that can be used as a steamer and it works great so I had looked at this first before getting an air fryer and decided I needed the air fryer more. But I can't wait to see what you do with it👍👍👍

  4. I’ve had one for years, I guess version 1, same model. I use it all the time for soups, stews, beans, rice, you name it. I’ll be doing more now that the weather cooled down. That plastic cup will overflow at times otherwise I love it. You can pick up gaskets cheap on amazon, I’ve bought a few since they don’t last forever.

    Can’t wait to see you cook on it Kirby!

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