Inside Medical Marijuana: Cultivation

A 40/29 News Exclusive: Reporter Jamie Weiss traveled to Eugene, OR to bring you inside a medical marijuana cultivation facility to learn how it’s grown, and …

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  1. Cannabis is simple to regulate.

    1. No one under 21 with out a parent and doctors consent
    2. Must have a doctors recommendation
    3. The list must be updated so all that suffer from anxiety and sever insomnia can be on this list
    4. Don't let the doctors micromanage patients use.
    5. no public or DUI use in the state
    6. No list taken and used to stop some one whom is lawful of having using or buying a firearm you should not punish users whom use cannabis.
    7. Proper labels and testing of pesticide molds mildews.
    8. Doctors should not be able to say if some one should or should not be able to use the plant they can recomanded but not manage there loyalty is for big pharma and it should be noted they can only recomend.
    9. There is no use for pharmacist to work in a this does not give them experience of knowing the plant and its use and there recommendations do not matter when it comes to what helps you and what does not.
    10. No money from sales of cannabis should be used in enforcement of the cannabis laws to arrest and jail cannabis users whom are 21 years of age are adults not selling it or growing it for anything more then personal use the standard for this nation wide is 12 plants total. #Arkasnas #Marijuwana #Laws #Regulations #ArkansasLegaslator #ArkansasDepartmentofHealth

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