Indoor Closet Grow – Growing Marijuana Indoors

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  1. Great set up . Currently working with a closet myself but no where near as good a set up as you . Well done man you should be proud . Just checking out rest of your vids . Thanks for taking the time to help all your fellow growers .

  2. they will ban a channel for music copyright as well… if most of your videos have music in them and the music has a copyright they will take down the whole channel instead of just the videos. Use Creative Commons Music. Trust me, google servers can detect copyright material like nobodies business. All my videos that have music in them that came from creative commons material, none of those get pending for review status on monetization of the video because google servers have detected it's original source and recorded the words (Creative Commons) with the title of that song that way when you use it in their videos, nobody has to sit in front of a computer to decide whether or not your video has copyright material in it. Anything I have made with copyright music, it gets flagged and then someone will review it to make sure it is copyright material. Only thing is, their are too many videos with this status and if you have one that gets that way, it most likely stays that way. The only other reason they would have banned your channel is if you had a Google Partner License to monetize your videos for money. Google will not let you monetize videos about marijuana or any other topics that are illegal. The channels that are getting away with it now are just slipping through the cracks. I know, I want to create a channel about my garden and monetize it but I am afraid to because I already have a channel I'm making some money on and don't want to mess that up so I have done the research!

  3. How is this plant not root bound and rotting? Very impressive grow. I just don't understand how it's so big and the pot is so small. I got a 2.5 foot plant root bound in a 3 gallon pot. I'm about to go to a 5 gallon pot.

  4. Nice little set up
    This closet is dam near exactly like the ones that I have been building our patients for decades now, I absolutely love them. My newest design now brakes down inot one or two portable boxes. Whereby the boards from the two "main" 4'x6' boxes are very easily taken apart, and can then be made into either one or two "storage boxes" that will safely store everything. I got the idea from a band stage box.   
    Correctly done set up with the best components can easily run 2-4k along with a few years of hard work and dedication learning how to produce a top quality product.  Sure it can be done cheaper? But for the life of me why anyone would cut corners at this stage is way beyond my ability to comprehend. It's just not wise. I would much rather have "one" quality bulb, ballast or hood than "ten" cheap ones.
    This is exactly why……..I always recommend that any new grower start off with with this very size set up, for man more very good reasons. The very first one being, that only 1 out of every 5…OF ALL NEW indoor growers will make it past year three. Just a long time fact of life! 

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