I Tried CBD OIL for CHRONIC PAIN | SKY CHRISTINA -Why i decided to take it. -Did it work? -The good stuff -The bad stuff -Will I continue to take it… #CBDOIL …


  1. I live in America and I found this brand of CBD oil that actually doesn't upset my stomach. It's called CBDMD.com. It must be the way the hemp oil is extracted but give it a shot. Other brands usually give me a lot of pain and bloating cos I have IBS.

  2. I started using vegan hemp gummy bears, I stick to a really low dosage, I have wide spread chronic pain, tremors, sleep issues and anxiety, and they really took the edge off, especially for work, my pain doesn't go, but I've never taken a full dosage as I like to feel normal and not like I've taken something. I've also for the last 2 months gone low carb as I kept seeing it reduces chronic pain but I didn't believe it, but it's had the biggest impact, I actually can not believe the difference to my pain and fatigue just reducing carbs has made, you don't realise how poorly or in pain you are, until you feel better, I haven't had a severe (bed ridden) flare up since January. I tried vaping cbd oil but it wasn't something I felt comfortable doing day to day as a non smoker. Thanks for another great video!

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