How We Started Off Grid Hydroponics In The High Desert #gardening #infrastructure #hydroponics

How We Started Off Grid Hydroponics In The High Desert Of Northern Arizona #gardening #infrastructure #hydroponics We grow plants for food year round in …


  1. Brings back a lot of old memories from school days. Yep I took chemistry in school working with acculture fertilizers when all this hydroponic stuff started. It was so simple but so far out of site back then on how the plants used different types fertilizer in the ground when the light went off in some ones head to try growing soilless. From there its history! Thanks for the kind words my friends. Lagging behind on videos. We just got back from out of town. Hope you two had a wonderful Happy New Year. Ours was spent driving on the 1st to DC to take care of a problem. All's good now and we are back home safe and sound.

  2. that sounds like the article in mother earth mag for that time period i trayed to it but i got lots of wet plants and no real growth but i was a kid at the time and really not into it just playing with it. thanks for sharing and have a great 2021 we will see the days ahead

  3. How do you choose which vegetables to grow hydroponically as opposed to traditionally? Due to climate conditions in some areas, I can see alternative methods of growing like this becoming more of a norm.

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