How To Weed Eat | Trim | Weed Whack around Chain Link Fence – Quick Tips – Stihl FS 80

Using the Stihl FS 80 trimmer this is how to quickly weed eat and trim around a chain link fence without using all your line. Here is the trimmer line that I use: …


  1. I have a stihl FS250 with the 600HP supercharged engine. I can't find string that will hold up to the power. It's not easy or productive to feather the throttle either. Does anyone know what brand/model string will hold up to the extreme power this thing has? In the past, trimmers with wimpy motors would just bog down instead of breaking the string… but this thing would be a helicopter if I put a prop on it.

  2. You get asked alot how to weed eat chain-link fence?
    Well, I'm just relieved that you finally answered all of those requests.
    I've got a request now, every time I weed wack around my dog when he's laying in the weeds, he starts to make these funny, high-pitched squealing kind of sound. Then, (this part is really weird) I come back out when I'm done to play with them but they'll be dead right there where they were when they sang me the funny song. I'm glad that they go happy, singing and rolling around in ketchup like they do, (I don't know where they get all that ketchup from either, I think they might be asking for a few extra when they go to a fast food place) I just wish I knew what killed them I'm thinking ants crawl into their ears and eat the ketchup off their brain but I've yet to find one of the slippery little boogers. I think they might disappear with any magic, I've seen the bugs life, I know how ants work. They sneak around, plottin on me. I can feel their icy glare slicing into my brain but I got smart! I started to wearin my space suit helmet that I got when we crash landed on this planet. This is Mars ain't it?

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